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JAPAN - Winter Birding (13 days)

The islands of Kyushu & Hokkaido is a 'must-visit' destination for the keen birdwatcher, and our Japan - Winter Birding takes in the very best of Japan. - January 2024


Duration                                            13-days

Type                                                   Birdwatching! Moderate pace. Roundtrip with                                                                ornithological experts & experienced                                                                                driver guides and max. four guests                                                                                    in each vehicle, English / Scandinavian speaking                                                            Miksture Tour Leader(s)  

Price                                                  4 and 5 pax: From 5.550 USD pr. person in shared                                                           DBL room, 6 pax: 5.460 USD pr. person in shared                                                           DBL room, 7 pax: 5.325 USD pr. person in shared                                                           DBL room, and 8 pax (max.): 4.925 USD pr.                                                                       person in shared DBL room 

Sngl room                                        Contact Miksture           

Deposit                                            675 USD pr. person

Visa                                                  Depending on country of origin. Information                                                                    when booking the tour

Vaccination                                     (Pr.01.03.2024; can change): Yes, against COVID-                                                             19 (If no vaccination PCR-test might be needed).                                                             Miksture will keep updating

Participans                                     Max.8! and 1 TL (up to 4 pax) and 2 TL (from 5-8) 

Our Japan – Winter Birding tour explores the main islands of Kyushu and Hokkaido where more of the world’s most amazing and desirable birds can be found, whilst enjoying the wonderful winter landscapes, diverse scenery and splendid local cuisine. On Kyushu we will search for an array of specialties, including over 14,000 cranes congregate during the winter months migrating from the Siberian steppes. The majority consist of Hooded and White-naped Cranes, although a remarkable seven crane species have been recorded! Temperate broad-leaved forests harbor wintering Japan and Siberian species, whilst Baikal Teal is regular along the coast. Further north, of Japan's chain of islands, in Hokkaido, will open a amazing landscape of snow, frozen lakes and pine forests. This is the land of the Red-crowned Crane, hundreds of White-tailed Eagle and the world’s largest eagle, Steller’s Sea Eagle, while vast numbers of sea-ducks and gulls join loons and alcids in the Pacific Ocean. Another star bird here is the magnificent Blakiston’s Fish Owl. Around 150 species expected.


Pacific Diver (Stillehavslom) Gavia pacifica, Pelagic Cormorant  Phalacrocorax pelagicus, Red-faced Cormorant Phalacrocorax urile,  Sangsvane Cygnus Cygnus, Mandarinand Aix galericulata, Segland Anas falcate, Sibirisk Krikand Anas Formosa, Spot-billed Duck Anas poecilorhyncha, Strømand Histrionicus histrionicus, Amerikansk Sortand Melanitta nigra, Black-eared Kite Milvus lineatus, Havørn) Haliaeetus albicilla, Steller's Sea-Eagle Haliaeetus pelagicus, Japanese Buzzard Buteo japonicas, Spætmejse ssp. asiatica, Mountain Hawk Eagle Spizaetus nipalensis orinetalis, Sandhill Crane Grus Canadensis, White-naped Crane Grus vipio, Trane Grus grus, Hooded Crane Grus monarch, Red-crowned Crane Grus japonensis, Siberian White Crane Grus leucogeranus, Long-billed Plover Charladies placidus, Black-tailed Gull Lars crassirostris, Kamchatka Gull Larus Kamchatka, Glaucous-winged Gull Larus glaucescens, Glaucous Gull Larus hyperboreus, Heuglin's Gull Larus heuglini, East Siberian Gull Larus vegae, Slaty-backed Gull Larus schistisagus, Saunders' Gull Larus saundersi, Spectacled Guillemot Cepphus carbo, Pigeon Guillemot Cepphus Columba (likely ssp snowi; Kuril Guillemot, which may deserve separate specific status),  Ancient Murrelet Synthliboramphus antiquus, Least Auklet Aethia pusilla, Oriental Turtle Dove Streptopelia orientalis, White-bellied Green Pigeon Treron sieboldii, Blakiston's Fish Owl Ketupa blakistoni, Slagugle Strix uralensis, Crested Kingfisher Megaceryle lugubris, Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker Dendrocopos kizuki, Hvidrygget Spætte Dendrocopos leucotos, Japanese Green Woodpecker Picus awokera, Japanese Skylark Alauda arvensis japonica, House Martin Delichon urbicum, Olive-backed Pipit Anthus hodgsoni, Buff-bellied Pipit Anthus rubescens japonicas, Black-backed Wagtail Motacilla alba lugens, Japanese Wagtail Motacilla grandis, Ryukyu Minivet Pericrocotus tegimae, Brown-eared Bulbul Ixos amaurotis, Japanese Waxwing Bombycilla japonica , Brown Dipper Cinclus pallasii, Pale Thrush Turdus pallidus, Brown-headed Thrush Turdus chrysolaus, Dusky Thrush Turdus naumanni,  Japanese Bush Warbler Cettia diphone, Blåstjert Tarsiger cyanurus, Daurian Redstart Phoenicurus auroreus, Japanese Tit Parus minor, Varied Tit Sittiparus varius, Chinese Penduline Tit Remiz consobrinus, Japanese White-eye Zosterops japonicas, Bull-headed Shrike Lanius bucephalus, Sibirisk Allike Corvus dauuricus, Eurasian Jay Garrulus glandarius, Oriental Crow Corvus orientalis, Large-billed Crow Corvus macrorhynchos, White-cheeked Starling Sturnus cineraceus, Asian Rosy Finch Leucosticte arctoa, Oriental Greenfinch Carduelis sinica, Grey-bellied Bullfinch Pyrrhula [pyrrhula] griseiventris, Japanese Grosbeak Eophona personata, Meadow Bunting Emberiza cioides, Chestnut-eared Bunting Emberiza fucata, Pileværling Emberiza rustica, Black-faced Bunting Emberiza spodocephala, Grey Bunting Emberiza variabilis, Reed Bunting Emberiza schoeniclus pyrrhulina, Yellow-throated Bunting Emberiza elegans, Russet Sparrow Passer rutilans etc.

Habitats Covered

Temperate broad-leaf forest, and coniferous forest, frozen and open lakes, coastline and cultivated grasslands

Expected Climate

Mild (Kyushu) to very cold (Hokkaido) 


Max Group Size

8 with 2 Miksture leaders 


Tour Pace & Walking

Moderate to easy


Comfortable minshukus (guesthouses) and hotels

Ease of Birding


Other Attractions

Spectacular scenery, hot baths in onsens at various accommodations, fabulous cuisine, interesting mammals 

Photographic Opportunities


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06.01 - 18.01 2024

Tour Leader: Michael Westerbjerg Andersen and Ole Zoltan Göller

Tour price (Per person): from USD 4.925 



Day 1.         Haneda, Tokyo – meeting point. Tokyo - Kyushu

Day 2.         Izumi-area

Day 3.         Izumi-area

Day 4.         Izumi-area

Day 5.         Izumi - Lake Mi-Ike

Day 6.         Kagoshima airport - Tokyo - Kushiro, Hokkaido

Day 7.         Kushiro - Lake Furan

Day 8.         Nemuro Peninsula

Day 9.         Nemuro Peninsula; boat trip

Day 10.       Nemuro - Rausu

Day 11.       Rausu; boat trip

Day 12.       Rausu; boat trip

Day 13.       Rausu - Kushiro airport - Tokyo. Tour concludes


Costs: From 4 and 5 pax: From 5.550 USD pr. person in shared DBL room, 6 pax: 5.460 USD pr. person in shared DBL room, 7 pax: 5.325 USD pr. person in shared DBL room, and 8 pax (max.): 4.925 USD pr. person in shared DBL room 

Single supplement:   $675Contact Miksture

Deposit: : $800

Group size: minimum 4 and maximum 8   

Availability: Spaces available for 2024    

Leader:   Michael Westerbjerg Andersen, and Ole Zoltan Göller

Tour dates, prices, single supplement rates, approximate flight costs and spaces available for this tour are displayed on our website. Please see under IMPORTANT NOTES below.


The tour fee includes:

  • Guiding by Miksture/Michael Westerbjerg Andersen (up to 4) and Ole Zoltan Göller (from 5-8) both Danish and English-speaking;

  • Transportation according to program in Kyushu and Hokkaido in private comfortable chartered vehicles with driver guides;

  • Domestic flights as follows: Haneda, Tokyo - Kagoshima, Kyushu // Kagoshima - Tokyo // Tokyo - Kushiro, Hokkaido // Kushiro, Hokkaido - Haneda, Tokyo (Day 13) 

  • All accommodation in Kyushu and Hokkaido;

  • All breakfast and dinners in Kyushu and Hokkaido from Day 1 to breakfast Day 13;

  • Necessary permits sites and other paperwork;

  • Services of tour leader(s);

  • Administration from Miksture;

  • Reserve entrance fees

  • The tour fee does not include:

  • International flights to/from Haneda, Tokyo, Japan;

  • Beverages & drinks;

  • Optional excursions;

  • Visa fees;

  • Tips to drivers & porters

  • Personal expenses for eventual extra arrangements not mentioned in the program;

  • Travelinsurrance – mandatory!; 

  • Money for own expenses and anything strictly personal (e g laundry, phone calls, any excess luggage charges, snacks).

  • Single Supplement: The single supplement cost for this tour will be charged if you wish to have single accommodation. Pls contact Miksture. If we cannot provide you with a rooming partner for these nights although you choose to share, the single supplement will become applicable. We will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that a rooming partner is found if you do wish to share.


  • IMPORTANT NOTES: a) Due to constantly fluctuating exchange rates, we quote our tours in USD. The tour price is however fixed only in the currency printed in bold, and the actual cost in the other currencies listed will be adjusted according to prevailing exchange rates at the time of final invoicing (usually 4 months before the tour.) The same applies to approximate flight and single supplement rates, which are also quoted in the respective fixed currency. b) Rates are based upon group tariffs; if the tour does not have sufficient registration a small party supplement will have to be charged. c) Furthermore, these costs are subject to unforeseen increases in tour related costs and may have to be adjusted as a result. d) Lastly, we may be forced to change or alter the itinerary and / or the designated Miksture leader/s at short or no notice due to unforeseen circumstances; please be aware that we will attempt to adhere as close to the original program as possible.

  • Tipping: As noted above, gratuities (drivers, hotel staff, restaurants etc.) are not included on this tour. However, this does NOT include your Miksture leader/s. If, therefore, you feel that he/they have given you excellent service, it is entirely appropriate to tip them.

  • Special Notes:  It is important for the comfort and domestic airport transfers of your fellow travellers that you do not over-pack. Kindly stick to 20kg (44lb) for check-in luggage and 8kg (+-18lb) for hand luggage.  

  • The temperatures can vary greatly, from mild winter day temperatures of 10 to 15 degrees Celsius, to very cold with snow possible at any time in Hokkaido.

  • Warm clothes, including gloves, woollen hat, warm boots and thermals will come in handy.

  • Fitness: In general this tour does not require a high level of fitness, but participants should be in good general health. Should you have any physical limitations, please notify us in advance of departure.

  • Japanese cuisine isrelatively limited in variety, but usually, salad, soup and meat form the primary basis of all meals. We will have opportunities to try regional specialities at various locations on the tour.


    This tour departs from Haneda Airport, Tokyo (ATA: HND) in the early morning of day 1. It is thus imperative to arrive the day before the tour begins. The tour will conclude after arrival to Haneda Airport (Day 13). If arriving or departing from Tokyo's Narita Airport there is a shuttle (express) bus that can be used to transfer between airports. Easy to find in the arrival hall of resp. Narita and Haneda Airport. The cost is approximately USD 50. The information in respect of arrival and departures is a guide only. Precise arrival and departure information will be send to you in your Tour Confirmation package once the tour has been officially confirmed. if you wish to arrive early and/or depart late and would like assistance in this regard, kindly contact the Miksture office.

  • Visa requirements differ by country, nationality of the traveller and duration and purpose of your intended stay. It may be necessary to obtain a visa or electronic travel authorisation in advance of your travel. It is therefore vitally important that you check with your travel agent/consulate/embassy for exact visa requirements.

  • This tour does not include any International airfares. The main tour will commence and conclude in Haneda, Tokyo.

  • FLIGHTS: Please DO NOT book any flights until you have consulted the Miksture office for confirmation on the status of the tour.

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