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About Us

"Miksture" is Danish: "Mik" is Michael’s nickname and "ture" means tours in Danish. In short: Miksture = Michaels tours. Miksture also reminds of Mixture which means a blend of different kinds; this is for sure true when it’s about Miksture...

Travelling in Central Asia that used to be more or less hermetic closed during the “cold war” is both extremely interesting and wonderful! A welcome destination for us coming from Europe, America, Australia and many other places around the world. When Michael in the 1990’es began in Kyrgyzstan, he was sitting in Copenhagen with an old map drawing travel routes based on old books, maps and the very sparse information available. Since much have happened and it’s become much easier to travel here. Especially the vehicles and accommodation. We don’t necessarily need to share showers and toilets anymore, or driving in the famous Kamas-truck which helps us crossing rivers when the bridges are gone! But if it’s necessary to achieve the best possible outcome - nothing is too big or small for us!

Miksture is an independent company, established and owned by Michael Westerbjerg Andersen. You will always be in contact with Michael when you contact us. Many itineraries are accompanied by Michael and/or local staff who possess the knowledge and experience to make the tour wholly successful. We know the areas thoroughly and take pride in showing those who travel the local hotspots, confidently coping with any problems that may arise and so greatly increasing the chance that everything will run smoothly. Leading a tour in Europe or North America is one thing, leading one in Central Asia where logistical problems are a fact of life is quite another! Where practicable and necessary we obtain the assistance of local birders/trackers that have both an intimate knowledge of their home areas and the ability to look after the group to the required standard. On our tours there usually is a mix-ture of nationalities. Language is no problem: English, French, German, Russian and Danish are spoken. 

Miksture was established with the purpose of encourage and combine Eco-tourism and biological scientific research in Central Asia; mainly Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. The approach of combining Eco-tourism and Nature Conservation is in many ways opposite activities, but in Kyrgyzstan we have done it without severe compromises for the visitors and the environment. Our tours are the result of friendship and strange ideas and our carefully planned itineraries and intensive approach have since 1993 given those who travel with us an unusually experience. 

All travelers are welcome and on Mikstures travel & expeditions. There usually is a mixture of nationalities. Language is no problem: English, French, German, Russian and Danish are spoken. 

Miksture provide information about travelling in the region and specific ornithological information. 

Michael and his team can be hired for birding/Snow Leopard Expeditions/Cultural tours in Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadzhikistan, Uzbekistan, Southern Siberia and Western China. We are able to “tailor-make” the journey according your wishes – destinations & species as well as duration. It’s possible to book Michael as leader or co-leader for your journey in the region. 

We use our own vehicles, own gear – tents, kitchen-team, etc. Everything to increase your birding experience and your safety. In addition our prices are reasonable for everyone. 

Usually we arrange tours for 4-15 pax – best group’s size for birding is 5-10 participants; but we are flexible. 

About Michael.

Mikstures owner Michael Westerbjerg Andersen is by profession Biologist, specialized in Birds and Nature Conservation and his lifelong passion for birds led him to work in the travel business to all seven continents during his studies. 

At the moment he is making a full-time career in the expedition travel industry in Central Asia. Currently writing two books about the birds of Kyrgyzstan – and in prep. a book about the Snow Leopard. 

Since 1993 he has guided wildlife expeditions in Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan is his prime destinations. 

He is widely acclaimed as one of the world’s leading experts in Central Asian birds and his specialty: The mythic Snow Leopard. Michael has seen Snow Leopard more times than average Human Beings, and being asked "how many?" the reply is: "I don’t count anymore."

He has an infectious curiosity and passion for these aspects of natural history - is an real expedition leader, and this serves him in good stead as he leads travelers on expeditions in the Central Asian landscapes, where he constantly scouts new destinations for Miksture in the region.

You are welcome to contact us for further information and we welcome any remarks and dialogue.


Miksture Expeditions

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