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Ornithological - KAKI 2010
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Winterbirds in Bishkek
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Kyrgyzstan - SW region July
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Birds Snowleopard Expedition
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Latest News

Merry Christmas and Happy 2021

Miksture Expeditions have a new sister-company Sovietistan Travel. Cultural and active round-trips in Central Asia, Russia and western China. Pls contact: or (specific requests and questions)

New website is under construction for both Miksture and for Sovietistan Travel.

Meanwhile information is also available in Facebook at (Michael Westerbjerg Andersen) or Miksture. Pls feel free and welcome!

- November 2020: 450+ Ibex, 250+ Argali (Marco Polo Sheep) and ONE Snow Leopard sighting on our expedition.

Next departure March and November 2021 (seats available). Pls contact Miksture

Miksture now encompass ALL the Central Asian countries, with Turkmenistan and Tadzhikistan as the latest destinations.

ORNITHOLOGICAL: KYRGYZSTAN For the visiting birdwatcher in Kyrgyzstan there is now three tours available: 1-day, 4-days and 7-days. These tours are made to give the best possible birding the time available. We are sure these tours will fill a long-time needed gap for the ornithologically interested visitor. Descriptions and programs available under the section: Ornithological customized-tours.

April Birding - Meet the Demoiselle Cranes

2015/04/06 - 2015/04/15:

This a great time of year – spring migration is peaking and new species occurs daily depending weather especially the wind conditions. However the dates coincide with good numbers of roosting Demoiselle cranes in Eastern Kyrgyzstan, thrushes, wagtails, raptors, shrikes, etc.- and the mountainous species is fabulous with calling Himalaya snowcocks, redstarts busy with territory disputes, Wallcreepers calling early morning, and lots of more species busy with springtime activities after the long winter. Meantime it is still possible to get some of the Siberian winter visitors and even some of the rare and otherwise difficult species e.g. Solitary Snipe.

One of our targets in this tour is the roosting Demoiselle Cranes in eastern Kyrgyzstan. usually this period of year is peak time for roosting Demoiselle Cranes - on their way to breeding grounds in Kazakhstan and Southern Siberia. Numbers btw 1000 - 2000 birds occur!

The weather and conditions are usually excellent – and the light is usually wonderful for photographers.

Before departure, Miksture mail a detailed list of birds.

See description here.