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2015/10: PLENTY of new and updated schedules: Birding, Snow Leopard Expeditions and much more

- October 2015: Currently working on our new website - will be launched in November 2015

- Did you knew that Mikstures succesrate for the 2014 Snow Leopard tours (3 expeditions) - wildlife tours in the borderregion btw China and Kyrgyzstan were 100%

It's busy at our office in these weeks. We very soon launch 8 new ornithological reports from the last years tours: Siberia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan - and from our succesful Snow Leopard Expeditions

- Birding Turkmenistan. April - May 2016 This is simply an amazing birding tour! Check the program!

- Birding Mongolia June - July 2016. Program available and guaranteed departure.

- Snow Leopard Expedition, November 2015:

March 2015: TWO Snow Leopard sightings on our expedition. Next departures November (sold out) and ultimo March 2016 (seats available). Pls contact Miksture

Miksture now encompass ALL the Central Asian countries, with Turkmenistan and Tadzhikistan as the latest destinations.

ORNITHOLOGICAL: KYRGYZSTAN For the visiting birdwatcher in Kyrgyzstan there is now three tours available: 1-day, 4-days and 7-days. These tours are made to give the best possible birding the time available. We are sure these tours will fill a long-time needed gap for the ornithologically interested visitor. Descriptions and programs available under the section: Ornithological customized-tours.

Scheduled Cultural Tours

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Custom Cultural Tours

Our customized private tours offer a range of destinations. These tours can be specifically crafted individually or in groups for you and your family or friends on a private venture.

INDIVIDUEL: Rundrejse til USBEKISTANS Silkevejsbyer og landskaber med lokalguide